What is the best shop in Chelmsford for unique homewares?

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Sometimes a little bit of extra consideration goes a long way, and this is definitely the case when it comes to Lilia's Homemade Delights. Being one of the favourites in Chelmsford for home wares, every item in store is handcrafted to the utmost quality, with exquisite attention to detail. The prices can be slightly higher than average high street store; however the cost is easily matched by the quality of materials and individual personality that goes in to each piece.

The home ware products range from candles, scatter cushions and storage boxes to personal accessories such as handbags and phone cases. Personalization isn't a problem either, a quick request to the staff and you can add a personal touch to most of the products, be it your initials on a notebook or a lampshade in your own personal colour scheme. All items are gift wrapped with a sweet business card attached, and all customers are served with a heart-warming smile. Next time you are shopping in Chelmsford for a new home accessory or for a gift for that special someone, pay a visit to Lilia's Homemade Delights and you're likely to find yourself an absolute gem. Definitely the best shop in Chelmsford for unique buys!

However, if it's a more budget conscious shopping trip you are looking for, I'd recommend hitting the high street. Both Debenhams and Marks and Spencers are currently holding fantastic sales in their home ware department where you can get hold of some great brand name products for a fraction of the price! The key finds are a bit more pot luck than anything, but when you do come across a bargain it really is worth the extra effort.

Or for a more reliable source of bargains, there are a few shops around Chelmsford that offer fair quality goods for reasonable prices. Wilkinsons in the town centre has quite a range of home wares, from bedding to decorations, and all at regularly low prices.

If you re willing to head away from the centre, Tesco Homeplus has a vast range of quality goods for low prices. And whilst you're there, you can also shop for clothing, electronics and seasonal products too! You also have TKMaxx, who basically hold an end of season sale all year round. There are some great bargains to be found but this does involve spending some time trawling through racks and shelves to find the item you're after. However, with massive reductions on designer brands it is definitely worth the time spent searching for your treasure.

My last suggestion, although slightly off theme, would be to visit a local boot fair. If you are willing to face an early Sunday morning you can discover some real second hand treats, some items barely used and still of good quality, and some being sold for mere pennies. Not somewhere you'll find on an average visit to town but worth a thought if you are truly budget conscious.

Whatever your budget or needs, there are a vast variety of shopping opportunities around, and at the very least this article should help you to come to your own conclusion of the best shop in Chelmsford for home wares.

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