How to save money as a new mom with an Amazon Prime Account?

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Most moms know that saving on essential baby items can be tough. Babies are expensive little creatures that suck the energy and money from you. Most people think that there is only the extreme couponing route that can take up to 40 hours a week, and in the end, you find yourself frustrated and with expired coupons. Trying and failing at it can be frustrating and make you want to give up entirely. I was one of those moms who tried and failed more than once. I needed to figure out a way to save a few extra bucks on everyday items like diapers and wipes, but I didn't have the time to dedicate clipping coupons and scouring the sales pages every other day to find a deal that made it all worth it. I finally discovered Amazon. I didn't yet have an Amazon account, so I needed to set one up for myself and dive into the website to find the substantial savings.

You can easily save a ton of money on everyday items via Amazon. If you have an Amazon Prime account, then coupons are offered every month to you and if you combine those coupons with a subscribe and save deal you just saved not only 20% on that pack of diapers but also a coveted $5 off coupon. A huge box of diapers that usually costs $30 is now $17 and some change. You don't have to worry about stalking your grocery store stockers as they place objects on the shelves only to find yourself in dismay after all your hard work to see that someone else cleared the shelves. Those little savings start to add up in the long run. The trick is staying informed and checking the website daily until you find the deal that you want. Amazon is one of the few online retail stores that allow you to combine a store coupon like the subscribe and save a percentage off with a manufacturer coupon for a certain amount off of the item. The items are priced at your local stores so you are never losing out on money and even if you're only saving a few bucks that's money in your pocket that you would have otherwise spent in a big-box grocery store.

You never have to leave the comfort of your own home to save a little bit of cash, and in half the time you can save just as much as you would clipping coupons from your Sunday paper if not more. Prime accounts get free 2-day shipping, so you don't have to worry about being out the shipping cost or waiting weeks on end. Subscribe and Save makes saving serious cash easy and fast but has a little more of a learning curve. It is easy to shop and then set your designated shipping date, but you always have to remember to cancel any active orders that you only want to be delivered once because they will reoccur and you will have months worth of products offered before you need them again. Personally, I like shopping to be hassle-free, and you can get everything from your Amazon Prime Account from cleaning supplies to snacks. You don't have to leave the comfort of your home and strap a baby to your back and fight a stubborn toddler to stay in the cart. Couponing online is the new mom's best friend.

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