How do I get the best deals on clothing?

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We need clothes. Good clothes can come at a high price. There is no need to spend much money on fashion. Knowing where and how to shop can get you the best deals on clothing.

Thrift stores have become plentiful in recent years, as well as consignment shops. Both store types sell second hand clothes, some unused. There are many brand name items sold at discounted prices. You could even dress your wedding entourage in new, or close to new, attire from a thrift store or consignment shop. You just have to take your time and look around. Aside from buying at a consignment shop, you can also make money on clothing that you no longer want. They will sell your things and give you a percentage of the sale. Why not get cash back from your unwanted items?

If you are looking for brand new, but not high end fashion, there are several varieties of store types. Warehouse stores, also called membership clubs, like Costco, Sam's Club and BJ's can provide excellent deals on quality clothing. Discount department stores such as Target, Wal-mart and Kmart, provide the best deals on budget clothing.

Mid-range to upscale department stores, such as JC Penney, Kohl's and Belk's, carry quality clothes aimed more towards budget-minded consumers. Even upscale department stores like Bloomingdale's, Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue frequently have good deals on their high-end clothing lines. Always check the clearance racks. Every department has it's own. Aside from everyday sales, many stores offer coupons and store credit cards with bonuses.

Online shopping, not to be forgotten, is an excellent source for clothing deals., for one, sells overstock products at a discounted price. has flash sales every hour with discounted items. Aside from using coupon codes, you can get free shipping. Most stores allow you to acquire air miles or take advantage of cash back sites. There are also Internet auction sites like eBay. Items, new or used, are up for bids for usually a few days. You can also sell your things on eBay and Amazon.

There is no need to pay retail price on a brand new, must-have, item you saw a runway super model wearing on the TV. The best deals can also be found on out-of-season fashion. At the end of summer, retailers mark down their summer wear in a desperate attempt to make room for the next season's items. Buy your snow boots at the end of the winter season and save them for next year. Thanksgiving is the best time for shopping. Stores offer deals for early Christmas shoppers, several percentage points off market value. Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, has in-store deals. Many Black Friday deals begin on the evening of Thanksgiving. Cyber Monday offers deals on-line. Some on-line stores offer sales at the start of the Thanksgiving week.

You too can dress for success by getting the best deals on clothing. When searching for the deals, shop around online and/or in-store. Options are limitless.

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