How do you find great bargains?

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Everyone is looking to find great bargains these days with the economy on its back. Women are not the only ones soul searching the city, towns and neighborhoods for the best deals. Even today’s teens are finally on a budget. Teens continue to do well by shopping in strip malls for the best bargains.

It is a known fact that signing up on store websites for sales, discounts, and promos are the key. You must really know what you want and that’s when to begin your search, so try the following steps:

•Start with your home or email. Yes that’s right, get the coupons out!

•Search the Internet and check all the stores you frequently shop at that are having sales to see what they are offering.

•Remember, you’re looking for coupons, promos and free shipping.

Here are some things to consider before deciding on where, when, to purchase:

•Online shopping is one way to find great bargains with free shipping on minimum offers. You can take advantage of offers such as these which will save on gas and time, considering long checkout lines in some stores.

•All these are to be considered when making online purchases. No need to waste valuable time if one website has nothing to offer. It’s time to move on.

•If you are going to physically shop, avoid the weekends, and with that being said, you really won’t get big deals. In fact you will get just that! “Weak ends“.

•Most of the products have already been picked over and offer no discount. On the other hand, Weekday shoppers are known to get better deals. Big department stores are always having Mid-Week sales. Department stores are less crowded during this time. Sales people are more receptive to answer your questions and are eager to assist you. Sales people will even share what they know about hot deals and give you extra 10 or 15% off in store coupons you knew nothing about.

•Be wary of the stores that have the one-two sale. (Get 20% off one item coupon or BOGO 50% off less or equal value). Chances are they are raising the regular price of the item.

•Watch out for those huge window coverings marked everything must go! Recognize that using a promo or discount coupon doesn’t always mean you’re getting the best price. Don’t be fooled by these. But before you purchase anything, research and comparing products, prices are the key to getting the deal you want.

•Take advantage of the Season change for deep discounts. Shop summer-wear in the beginning of fall months; then stock up on fall wear in the beginning of summer months.

When making a purchase, when in doubt, check PriceGrabber’s. PriceGrabber compares and combines information from all sorts of products. But the truth of the matter is this: It was mother who always gave the best tips when it came to shopping. Momma hit the nail on the head. Yes… she said it best! “You better shop around!”

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